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Reb Chaim HaQoton
Klein Family Genealogical Website

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--Family History/Genealogy Rsearch--
1st Year of Research- Site Archive (2004)
2nd Year of Research- Site Archive (2005)

Active Research

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This site contains information pertaining to the Klein Family. The focus of this site is the familial history of the family descending from the marraige of Reb Mordechai Klein and Chaya Zlata Freidman (and later Klein and then Marmelstein) A"H. The family is a product of many generations of Rabbis. Among these great men were Rabbi David HaLevi Segal (1586 - 1677), known as the TaZ; Rabbi Moshe Isserles (1520 - 1572), known as the ReMah; Rabbi Yoel Sirkes (1561-1640), known as the BaCH; Rabbi Reuven Chaim Klein (1826 - 1873) known as the Shenos Chaim; and Reb Elimelech of Lizhensk (1717-1787), known as the Noam Elimelech..

Note about this site: This site was built and maintained by Reuven Chaim Klein. This site is mainly for archival purposes and to help others in their family research. R.C. Klein has essentially dropped out of his own project in early 2006, but will still passively research. The archive pages take a while to load, so please be very patient. The Family Trees are not updated quite often and may reflect outdated and/or inaccurate information. If you have any questions, comments, or changes to make, please email Reuven Chaim Klein. Thank you.
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